Kitchen Pantry Upgrade

I recently had an enquiry about the possibility of building a Kitchen Pantry, which prompted me to do a little upgrade on my own pantry. As you can see, it was a bit of a jumble. Finding anything was always a problem & avalanches were a regular occurrence! I built it about 10 years ago and put some effort into it, so it was a shame not to make better use of the space.

Having put 3 hinges on each door, they were strong enough to support the added weight of some racks fixed on the inside:

I fitted the shelves with dovetail housing joints, stopping the dovetail slots short of the front edge for neatness. These joints make the racks vey stiff, so they should resist any tendency to make the doors sag under the added weight. I also like them as they avoid any visible fasteners, which makes for a clean looking design. It also makes applying finishes easier.

I also took the opportunity to re-finish the cupboards with fresh wax.

And to tidy up the drawer front where dear departed Rosie the cat left her claw marks!

I think that there’s still some scope for improvement, but I’ll see how this modification is received before emptying the cupboards again!

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