Bev’s Room Divider Screen

Really pleased with the way it’s come together now the fabric is on!

Rough Sawn Wood – Ready to Start

Timber sawn down & planed square. I spent quite a while adjusting the section sizes before I was happy with the look as well as the strength & weight.
Tenons cut. I chose mortice and tenon joints as I wanted the frame to be as strong as possible. Dowel joints would have been much quicker, but nowhere near as strong.
Mortices Cut

Ready to add detailing to the main components
Adding beading to edges. This was done with a home made ‘scratch stock’. I had no idea how long this would takr, so with hindsight I should have bought a router cutter. Not so traditional, but fewer blisters!
Glueing up the frame
The joints could see a lot of stress, so important to get glue on the tenon cheeks and the sides of the mortices for a strong joint
Three frames glued up, sanded & waxed. The bottom rails incorporate a bar to attach the fabric, with screws to adjust the tension. the fabric is retained at the top using a dowel across the width of the frame. These are a tight fit so I’ve left them out until the fabric goes on. The legs are tapered at the top & bottom in a Shaker style. A big challenge was finding suitable 2 way hinges which were not too expensice or obtrusive. In the end I couldn’t find anytjing that I liked so came up with the idea of a short length of elasticated chord. This turned out to be a perfect solution, as is virtually invisible, allows 360 degree rotation of the panels and is strong and secure.

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